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Welcome to LR from Oralign Ltd

The faster way to a straighter smile.

LR is the smallest and most discreet of tooth appliances for straightening front teeth. It is simple and easy to use, needing only 14-16 hours of wear a day. This means you can wear LR at any convenient time of your choosing, including during the night, without affecting your business or social life.
LR works quickly – usually in less than 14 weeks – so it is far more acceptable than traditional treatment. It is ideal for use by both adults and teenagers.
For many years fixed appliances (braces) were the only option, but now LR can straighten your front teeth both quickly and discreetly.
Often simple alignment of the front teeth will
dramatically improve your appearance and in conjunction with whitening and adhesive tooth coloured restorations where needed can make a dramatic improvement to your smile, without the need for veneers and crowns. If veneers or crowns are needed, using the LR appliance to straighten your teeth before placing them minimises the amount of healthy tooth removal necessary.
LR appliances can only be used by certified dentists. This means you can be sure you receive the highest standards of care.

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